Best Time of the Year to Visit Paris


Paris in different seasons means a completely different atmosphere, so the answer is mostly based on what you look for. Either you’re not sure when would be the best time for you to travel to Paris or you already have a date and would like to better get ready for the trip. This guide will help you create the best planning under the weather and other limitations and will ensure you know what is coming.

Paris France

So, if you do not yet have date, it is likely that “What is the best time of the year to visit Paris?” is one of the questions you need to answer first. It may seem obvious that the spring may be the best time to visit Paris (no too cold, not too hot) but there is really much more than that. You may also want to consider issues such as your budget (yes, the best seasons is often more expensive), the crowd, local events and the exact atmosphere you are looking for your dream vacation. It is also important to understand the nature of your trip before making up your mind on the exact date.

Paris in the spring

Springtime is the busiest time of the year in Paris as many of the tourists choose to visit in April, May or June. This is understandable as the weather in this time of the year is not too cold but also not too hot. On the bright side, you will meet the colorful Paris with the famous Parisian gardens at their best.
On the downside, Paris in the spring is more expensive in all directions (air, train and hotels) and some early booking will most probably be required.

Paris in the summer

There is little true Parisian atmosphere in Paris during the summer as many of the Parisians spend their summer vacation (the traditional and so French “le vacance”) somewhere else which leaves the city mostly in the hands of the tourists. The city may seem to go a bit slower during the summer but there is actually a lot to do.

Paris in the autumn

The autumn in many ways may be just the perfect time to visit Paris as the Parisians are getting back into the city making it more Parisian than the hot summer, the days quickly becomes cooler and shorter, some of the new shows and exhibitions pick the autumn to showcase and the atmosphere in general is very pleasant. The prices of flight and hotels seem to go down as much less tourists are coming in and planning way in advance is no longer required.

Paris in the winter

To start with, the winter is not as bad as time to visit Paris as you may think. Yes, it is cold (can be very cold in fact), days are disturbingly short and not many people are wondering around in the streets if they don’t have to. On the other hand, many festivities take place in the winter and those are real joy with a charm that only Paris has to offer.


Courtesy of Visit a City – Paris